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Jacobs Architekten is an architectural design firm committed to creating place and space; architecture should function as a definable place within its surroundings, as well as form a comfortable space for its inhabitants.

The projects range from residential to commercial, interior to landscape. These varieties of scale and type are approached with a straightforward design attitude, translating unique opportunities into ingenious solutions.

Jacobs Architekten is located in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Hasselt (Belgium) and Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean).

Jacobs Architekten aspires to a coherent plan, clear form and careful detailing.

A distinct preference for the contrast between cool materials such as steel and glass, and warm materials like wood and natural stone, results in a tension between mass and transparency, solidity and intangibility, tacit robustness and tactile fragility.

The technological aesthetic of the final product is not only articulated by the refined character of the main structure, facades and installations, but especially in the minimal use of material and energy.

Jacobs Architekten seeks to express client desires in an effective yet exciting fashion. The studio controls the complete course of the building process, from concept to realization.

The heart of this process is the design, supported by sketches, scale models, animations and all necessary drawings.

In addition, other activities include formulating the design criteria, performing feasibility studies, monitoring construction costs, and managing and coordinating the project.

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